Monastery Thanka and Handicrafts corner

Monastery Thanka and Handicrafts corner was established to enhance and promote Nepali Handicrafts around the world. We have been promoting Nepali Handicrafts for more than two decades. Initially it started with a store in Thamel with main focus on Thanka paintings, Silver jewellery and Bronze statues. But in course of time we have broaden our service to Pashmina products, Felt products and Woolen products. Presently we deal with Pashmina, Felt and Woolen products which are manufactured in our own factory.

Started as a single store in the beginning, now we operate four different stores in different areas of Thamel. Apart from that we do provide our products to different store in different parts of Nepal. Monastery Thanka and Handicrafts Corner has also been actively participating in different Trade Fairs around the world including countries like Japan, Germany, France, Italy, U.S.A., Switzerland  for more than 15 years. 

There is no doubt that Nepal is blessed with natural beauty. The snowcapped mountain range in the north, hills, caves, rivers, forest and different types of fauna and flora are the natural blessing of Nepal which makes it special among the other world. Apart from natural beauty, Nepal is also rich with different culture and tradition. The people from different cultures have different art forms and crafts which have its uniqueness and beauty. These art forms and crafts have been fascinating the world with its charm and beauty. The handicrafts from Nepal includes metal statues, stone sculpture, ethnic costumes, traditional silver jewelry, wood carving, handmade paper, hand knitwear, thanka painting, felt, pashmina, bead crafts etc.